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Kimchi- Inspired Pickled Cabbage – Kimchi- Inspiroima Säilötty Kaali

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PREPARATION TIME: 20 min + 48-72 hours of fermenting SERVES: 6-8 INGREDIENTS: 1/2 of small white cabbage 1 carrot 1/2 of cauliflower 2 pieces of radish 3 cloves of garlic 1 tbsp of ginger 1 spicy red ... Lue lisää

Indian Style Rice with Lentils / Riisi Linsseillä Intialaisittain

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PREPARATION TIME approx 30 min SERVES 4 INGREDIENTS: 2 dl of rice 1 dl of lentils 1 large carrot 1 large onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 tbsp of curry powder 1 vegetable stock cube olive oil PREPARATION: ... Lue lisää

Bread Bowls / Leipäkulhot

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These magnificent bowls of bread made of high fiber flours look great served with any soups making the meal nutritionally more complete and the soups much more fun to eat. Because of the fibers and ... Lue lisää

Feisty Tomato Chicken Soup / Ärhäkkä Tomaatti- Kana Keitto

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This feisty soup gives a nice kick to your metabolism and your immune system. Chilli, ginger, cumin and garlic are all from the healthiest spices top 10 list. From the health point of view you simply ... Lue lisää

Carrot & Oat Buns / Porkkana-Kaura Sämpylät

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Reseptiluokat: Everyday RecipesPastryreseptitVegetarian Recipes

These delicious carrot and oat buns are packed with sweet flavor of carrots and health benefits of oats and wholegrain wheat. Unlike heavily processed and refined white flour wholegrain wheat ... Lue lisää

Sweet Potato Mash / Bataattimuussi

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Sweet potato mash is great alternative for potato mash being rich in beta- carotene, fibers and vitamins such as C and E. It is also very heart friendly containing vitamin B6, potassium and no ... Lue lisää